Earth & Earth


If you’ve never done anything wrong, why worry about devils knocking on your door?


There’s the shaman dancing,
There, on top of the mound,
He may be a man of vision
But he’s careless with his name.

Bang; he beats his drum,
Underneath the empty mound
Whether it’s winter or summer,
His bird feathers in hand.


As this poem makes clear, shamans have always been strange characters, slightly feared. 
When the spirits possess the shamans, 
they cease to worry about how they seem in this world
because they are then in touch with the spiritual world.
All the great spiritual teachers – 
Zoroaster, Christ, Myhammad, Guru Nanak, to name a few – 
were likewise uninterested in appearing ‘normal’, 
for they were touched or filled by God. Are you?

©Loes Raaphorst 10/2005