Earth & Yin


Nothing grows in dry earth.


In the middle of the valley
All the herbs are dry.
A lonely girl,
Sobbing bitterly,
Crying harshly,
Faced with man’s cruelty.

In the middle of the valley,
The herbs are withered.
A girl alone,
Sighs deeply,
Wails softly,
Faced with man’s evil.


Earth, is yin, so this is a dry, cold combination. 
The poem, one of those whose anguish speaks down the millennia, 
evokes the withering of the soul as well as the withering of the land. 
When we are dried up, withered, 
we need to seek to fresh dew of grace, 
of the spiritual world. 
Only this can revive dry bones, withered flowers, 
and help us face the troubles around us.

©Loes Raaphorst 10/2005