Fire & Water


A thousand ants can eat a bone.


Drought blights everything – 
The bills are parched, and the streams dry.
It holds the land in a tight grasp,
As if scattering fire and flames.
My heart fears the heat – 
My tears are on fire.
The wise ones of the past
Speak nothing to me.
O gods, from the heavens
Grant me grace to retire!


Sometimes it is not the great things that bring us down.
The proverb shows this. 
Fire and Water are, of course, in conflict; yin and yang.
When we find that events have overwhelmed us, 
panic can set in. 
But step back, seek help from God; 
take time and, just as each tiny drop of rain will finally end the drought or put out the fire, 
so you will find that life becomes more balanced once again. 

©Loes Raaphorst 10/2005