Tao & Fire


Use power against power, force against force.


Kneel down, kneel down!
Heaven sees and knows all!
It watches us, day in, day out
I, a mere stripling,
Am not respectful or wise
But as the days go by
I listen to the bright shining ones.
O brightness, O light, 
Show me the right way,
Show me the ways of power.


There are two great forces here: 
Tao, The Way, and Fire, 
great destroyer but also bringer of warmth and power.
You have great pothential but you need to find the right guide – the Tao – 
and harness the forces in such a way as to do what is right and proper.
If you do, then the future can be a bright one.

©Loes Raaphorst 10/2005