Water & Tao


No waves without the wind.


The reed boat tosses on the waters
Floating, buffeted by waves
My heart is chaos; I cannot sleep
Yet my grief stays secret;
I have wine, all I need,
For play, for fun and games.

But my heart is no mirror
Reflecting what others want.
I have many brothers,
And cannot be kidnapped
But when I appealed to them
They were angry with me.


Who is your real friend? 
Who is the pillar against which to rest? 
Who is the safe heaven when life tosses you about? 
Find them, this poem says. 
Just as the Prodigal Son, in the story told by Jesus,
learned the hard way who were his fair-weather friends
and who really loved him, 
so you need to do the same.

©Loes Raaphorst 10/2005