Yang & Fire


A long night brings powerful dreams.


Sleep on the rush-mats
Sleep slow and happily
He sleeps, he wakes,
He gives out his dreams.
What did you dream of?
Black bears and brown,
Serpents and snakes.

Black bears and brown,
You will hear a boy
Serpents and snakes,
A girl will come later.


This combination speaks of powerful, elemental forces.
The poem – one of the oldest-known Chinese poems – is rooted in shamanism 
(the tow great manifestations of the spirit world are the bear and snake). 
As the proverb reveals, this is forceful stuff. 
You have the power to undertake things. 
You need to understand the forces you play with, and respect them. 
Perhaps you are able to play some small but significant role 
in furthering the aims of God – of the spiritual world.
Zoroastrianism (which believes that in the struggle against evil and ignorance, 
God needs us to do what is right for God to have the power to overcome evil) 
is what lies at hte heart of this message.

©Loes Raaphorst 10/2005