Yin & Yang


If a son is ignorant, it’s his father’s fault.


The herbs grow thick;
Not healing herbs, but wormwood.
I weep for my father and mother.
I weep for their effort in raising me.
That the cup should be empty
Humiliates the jar.
Better to have died long ago
Than to live like a commoner!

My father bred me
My mother fed me,
Led me, taught me
Raised me, kept me
Watched me, tended me
At every point helped me.
I would give them good in return
It is fate’s failt, not mine!


If you are not as you wish, look within.
You can blame others,
but only you can use what you have been given.
Ignorance can be the fault or others,
but if you have been nurtured and still fail,
you are like the herebs which only produce poison.
The balance between yin and yang is yours to resolve.

©Loes Raaphorst 10/2005