Poems Sue – Back to Black

Seen the colours for a while they were coming back….. 
But I guess the color of my life is much better seen in black 
I will cherish the moments I looked behind this wall 
But I realise the world out there isn’t that great at all…. 
I tried ..I did …I really did my best …. 
But I guess I am just too weak to keep on dealing with this test 
If life is meant to be this way …. 
Then behind these walls is where I’ll stay 
I would rather live in the dark if that’s the way its ment 
And there I will fight till finally my days are spent 
For having my belief and faith I must first grow strong 
Till now I only just understand everything wrong 
I will keep looking up to the stars …for my soul to be 
Once a shining star and a home to feel free …….. 
Back to the one who is there and in his arms he will keep 
Me to feel safe so I can finally go to sleep ….. 

(Sue 20-05-2004)

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006