Poems Sue – Black Day

Again another black day in history has been made, 
Innocent people died for nothing, with their lives they’ve paid….. 

Money ,Politics,Religion or Revenge , whatever reason it’s all WRONG!!! 
Is killing innocent people something that makes a country strong?? 

Inside my heart is crying for all the madness that’s upon this earth,
Thinking this couldn’t be” the plan” when nature gave us human birth …..

My heart goes out to all the victims here on earth, day after day….
There is just one thing to the innocent, one thing I need to say: 

“Sleep softly little angels, wherever your souls may be, 
hopefully in a place where all people are equal, 
living together, in peaceful harmony….

May your stars shine brightly, way up in the sky, 
And remind us of this Black Day …asking ourselves ” Why???? “……..

( Sue 07-09-2004) 

(Beslan, Russia, Hostage that results in the death of at least 340 victims, 
172 of them were innocent children) 

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 01/2007