Poems Sue – Colours

Blue is the colour of my feeling the first time that we met … 
The colour of a feeling …. I will never forget ….. 

Red …the colour of our passion making love during the night … 
the colour of our bodies holding on real tight 

Yellow the colour of happiness nothing could go wrong… 
The colour of a feeling.. comfortable good and strong

Suddenly the colours changed …they were no more so bright.. 
Colours got another meaning …after what happened that night .. 

Green the colour of that monster …that sneaked into your heart .. 
The monster that’s called jealousy ..the one who tears us apart …

Red ..the colour of the anger ..the colour that drove you insane 
Red the colour of the pain…and the feeling that’s called shame 

All the colours were fading out …washed away with tears …. 
I knew I had to make a choice …didn’t want to live with fears… 

This is now a while ago …for a long time I was blind 
I no more could see the colours …for I had left them all behind .. 

Black was the colour of my heart ..the hate I felt so deep … 
Grey the colour of my fear …the secrets I had to keep … 

But now the colours are coming back …I am not so scared anymore..
I finally can see again…am getting out of this war ….

I can see all the colours again…sometimes they shine so bright .. 
And friends helping me to find them back …I’ll try to pray for them each night… 

I opened up my heart again …to let the colours in 
And if I see a rainbow now …I know there’s always a new begin …. 


Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006