Poems Sue – Faith

Can we loose faith? 
just like that? 
Isn’t it something
we may never forget??
Faith in tomorrow,
a new day to begin ….
Faith in our children, 
they have the future within ….
Faith in the innocence…
the animals we love …. 
Faith in our beliefs,
Someone looking after us, from above… 
Faith in ourselves , 
well, that’s the hardest part …. 
But even after a bad day, 
tomorrow will bring a new start ….. 
So it seems to me, 
that faith is something you must never lose ….
because our destiny is not ours to choose …. 
One day the sun will shine again so bright … 
till that day, keep faith, head up, and ….FIGHT.. … 

( Sue, 21-06-04) 

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006