Poems Sue – The News

Reading the newspapers today, ..turns out feeling sad… 
What is happening with the world, everything seems so bad … 

Murdering, Raping, Hurricanes and a Quake … 
Fires, Accidents, Wars …what else does it take 

To destroy us human kind and this earth 
All this fighting and killing would it really be worth? 

And for what? Religion, Money, Power, the Colour of our skin? 
Will there once be peace? Perhaps a new world to begin? 

What is it that we humans need these “leaders” for, are they so right?? 
Telling us what to do or believe …to live in peace or to fight? 

They fight their own wars, pulling along a whole nation … 
And this goes on and on, with each new generation …

Well, I have learned one great thing through the journey on my way .. 
Keep believing in myself ….and try to follow my heart day by day …. 

( Sue 15-10-2004) 

Bron: Email ©Loes Raaphorst 03/2007