Poems Sue – Why

Why can’t we all leave each other alone….. 
Why can’t we make this earth a beautiful home 

Why all the torture and why all this pain …..
Why does this happen ..we’re all the same 

Why is this world full of fools ….. 
Why do we listen to all their stupid rules 

Why don’t we see all the colours …only black and white ….. 
Why don’t we see it’s all just a useless fight . 

Why don’t we just open our eyes ….. 
Why can’t we see most promises are lies 

Why do we close our eyes and let it go on ….. 
Why can’t we just see what’s going on is all wrong 

Why do we look at the colour of the skin ….. 
Why don’t we look at the person that’s within 

Why should I believe in heaven or hell…… 
We’re already in it …that’s what I can tell 

Why are we not able just to follow our heart …. 
Why can’t we make each day just another start 

Why is it so hard to speak out the truth…… 
Isn’t it something we must learn in our youth ? 

Why do I feel sometimes so sad……
It’s because the world has gone totally MAD……………… 

(Sue – 03 – 2004)

Bron: Email Sue©Loes Raaphorst 01/2007