Sexy Spells – To make a wish come true

Do this spell to make a wish come true. It should be done on the first day of a waxing Moon. 

You will need:

  • 5 drops oil of frankincense

  • 1 chalice of water collected from a running waterfall

  • onion skins

What to do:

Put the 5 drops of frankincense oil into the chalice of water. Take the onion skins and soak them in the chalice for one day. Then take the soaked skins and dry them for another two days in the heat of the sun.

On the fourth day, in the morning, set fire to the onion skins in a safe place, preferably outside, or in a hearth, and concentrate on your wish. Intone, ‘I ask the Sun God and the Goddess of the Moon to grant my wish (repeat the wish); the roasted skins my offering to the great fire; the fruit my offering to the great light. As for the Moons waxes, so will the power of this wish. Let it be done in thy two great names.

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Bron Gilly Sergiev ©Loes Raaphorst 10/2007